IndyVOTES Securely

Here’s what you need to know about how IndyVOTES works, and how the process has been designed to be safe and secure.

I. The voting process

STEP 1: Check in to Vote

Technology used: Poll Pad – wireless connection

When you vote, you’ll first interact with the Poll Pad, or electronic pollbook. The Poll Pad is an iPad used by poll workers to verify your ID and locate your voter record. This is the ONLY piece of equipment in the Vote Center that has limited Internet access.

The Poll Pad:
  • Connects only to the voter registration database
  • Is not connected (by wire or wireless) to the equipment that completes and tabulates the votes
  • Will print a ticket that tells the ExpressVote machine what Marion County ballot you should receive, based on your address

STEP 2: Complete Your Ballot

Technology used: ExpressVote machine – no online access

A blank ballot card is inserted into the ExpressVote machine, and your precinct-specific information is entered. The ExpressVote machine will display your ballot, and you vote by pressing your selections. When you decide you are done, the ExpressVote machine will print a completed ballot, listing all your selections. Simply review your ballot and submit it in the next step.

The ExpressVote machine:
  • Is NOT connected to the Internet
  • Does not store ballot data from any voter
  • Has been used for years in Marion County to provide voting access to voters with disabilities
  • Prints your selections on a voter-verifiable paper ballot before the ballot is tabulated

STEP 3: Submit Your Ballot

Technology used: DS200 machine – no online access

Finally, you will take your completed ballot and feed it into the DS200 machine. The counter on the screen will confirm your ballot has been received. If this equipment looks familiar, it’s because it has been used securely for years at Marion County polling places.

The DS200 machine:
  • Is NOT connected to the Internet
  • Records all ballots on an internal media device that cannot be remotely accessed
  • Tabulates vote results after the polls close that are physically taken to the Election Services Center for final tabulation and auditing
  • Stores all paper ballots, which are then transferred to our Election Services Center for archiving, per state law

II. There is a paper trail

The ExpressVote machine prints your selections on a paper ballot that is inserted into the DS200 voting machine. In addition to maintaining all paper ballots, we also perform a process called a Risk-Limiting Audit to verify the accuracy of the election results.

III. Check and double-check

When your ballot is printed by the ExpressVote machine, check your selections carefully. If you find a discrepancy (or even if you just change your mind) you can “spoil” your ballot by taking it to a poll worker. They will nullify that ballot and assist you in getting a new one.

Ask a poll worker

If you are confused about any step of the voting process, or have any concerns about the process, don’t hesitate to talk to a poll worker. They’ve been thoroughly trained on all the equipment and can address any concerns.

Find a vote center

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